*It's in the name. Groups of bots searching, cooperating, grazing and negotiating. DoBots are modeled after nature where colonies, flocks, and swarms of animals show intelligent behaviour together.


Boost Intelligence

DoBots envisions a world of connected robots in order to improve the quality of our lifes.

DoBots provides the software and IT infrastructure for robot autonomy & intelligence to make that world reality.

  • More than vacuum cleaning

    Vacuum cleaners that can decide for themselves when to go about the house: not just for cleaning, but also to check if everything is in order... and calling in help when something is wrong. DoBots makes it happen with our wireless sensor nodes combined with intuitive user interfaces!

  • Living in a robot

    Want to switch off the lights or dim them? And what about measuring power consumption? DoBots introduces wireless screw terminals that makes everything controllable! We convert buildings into living systems, in which all single parts cooperate to increase the comfort we experience at home.

  • Hardware

    Add our Roborouter to the package and you're able to identify equipment from energy consumption profiles, download these in order to intelligently control the device and potentially unlocking additional device capabilities.

    Our screwdriver terminal connected to the Roborouter gives you access to your devices from outside of the building. This way you can do things like switching off the heater when nobody is present.

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  • Robot brains

    A phone with wheels, a spoon with a drive, keys that whistle... The only thing that is missing is the robot brain. DoBots works on this challenge by providing software and IT infrastructures for robot autonomy & intelligence.

  • Personal robots

    Devices should be able to help us better and better. With the Internet of Things (IoT) in place, this has become a lot easier.

    Smartphone-powered devices are connected to the internet, and therefore interesting to us. We can turn robots into really good personal assistants when smartphones are used in the right way. Dobots does just that, aiming to improve the quality of our life!

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  • Moving devices

    Navigation is a key capability for autonomous robots. DoBots uses multiple low-cost yet robust sensors to make sure robots always find their way, even when faced with changes in the environment and humans moving about.


I'm moving

moving robot robot

We love robots. If you are a developer, hobbyist, or professional, check our dodedodo platform! It allows you to run robot algorithms in the cloud.

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